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Get in the festive mood with our costumes

Is Easter or Christmas around the corner? Gear up for the festive season and parties with our holiday costumes. We'll help you dress up like an Easter Bunny, Santa Claus or any other character you want to turn into! Our qualified staff will help you find the right costume according to your needs.

One-stop-shop for costumes in Bowie, TX

At Le Dance Theatrical Supply, you'll find costumes for all festivals and events. You can take our costumes on rent or buy them for future uses as well. From Halloween to masquerade, we have costumes for every event you can think of! Call our experts at 940-872-4538 for any help regarding costume selection.

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  • Children

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  • Character (sale and rent)

We have more than just costumes

In addition to a huge inventory of masks and wigs, We'll help you make your costume perfect down to every detail. Bring your dreams to life with our realistic costumes and the creative ideas of our staff.

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  • Masquerade

  • Halloween

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